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Pay-per-Click campaign with Keyword Advertising caters to the need for immediate promotion through search engines. This type of campaign will allow you to gain visibility:

  • In just a few hours.
  • For as long as you like.

This type of web marketing involves buying advertising space.

You can choose between the following advertising options:

  • Google AdWords® (for advertising in the search engine, Google Maps and Gmail).
  • Google AdSense® (for text ads on sites about specific topics).
  • Facebook Adverts®.

PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns can be managed flexibly. For example, it is possible to restrict views of your advertisements to relevant geographical areas.

Purchases of the most visible advertising space take place through an auction system which takes into account the amount bid for each keyword, the quality of the landing page and the overall quality of the advertising, as established by the CTR (the click-through rate, which measures the ratio of clicks to impressions).

Primi sui Motori S.p.A. has three members of staff who have passed the Google Search Advertising Advanced Certification Exam.

When should I carry out Pay-per-Click campaigns?

  • For promotions for limited periods and those that are about to end.
  • To promote specific products.
  • For very competitive keywords.
  • To protect the brand.
  • To increase contacts through ad hoc landing pages.
  • To increase website traffic.
  • To boost interest in a new service.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns are also recommended for e-commerce websites, as they can promote sales by directing users straight to a product purchase page.

Primi sui Motori fully complies with the Google AdWords third-party policy.

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