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Primi sui Motori S.p.A. can produce customized apps for commercial businesses of all kinds.

What are apps?

“App” is short for “application”. Apps mark the next step from dedicated mobile websites (for smartphones and tablets).

Apps are streamlined programs that focus on a single activity and often offer a good interactive experience. They provide useful functions and all of the information that users need quickly and dynamically, doing away with anything that is not necessary.

Why is it important to have an app?

Apps are channels for instant communication that are accessible anywhere. Just think how often you pick up your smartphone or tablet to search for all kinds of things, ranging from news to information about a hotel or a dress that you like. We are always asking our devices to help us to find something.

The huge advantage with apps is that it is not necessary to open a browser to look for something. You simply click on the icon of the app to find whatever it is that interests you.

The advantages of apps

  • They always work, even offline because they do not require an internet connection.
  • They can send push notifications, which are useful for fast, direct communication.
  • They offer excellent usability and efficient, easy operation for users.
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